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Industry-Academia Collaboration Section

Industry-Academia Collaboration Section

• Introduction

The Industry-Academia Collaboration Section was founded in year 2000. Before this time, activities of academy-industry cooperation and academic development were handled in each individual department. Now they are managed and arranged through ORD intensively and collectively.

• Mission

Prof. Dr. Ching-San Chiang, President of CTU, always encourages all departments to cooperate with industries in research and development as well as in management improvement, so as to develop simultaneously with the corporate. On the one hand, CTU can acquire new and effective technologies, and on the other hand, the corporate can improve the efficiency in research and development as well as in production and sales activities. This is a very important approach to build up a highly qualified technology institute.

• Services

The section is to manage the projects including those from industry-academy cooperation, and the projects subsidized by both public and private organizations.