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Office of Research and Development

Office of Research and Development


Office of Research and Development is established according to the newly installed "Organization Regulation of Chienkuo Technology University (CTU)" : "Office of Research and Development (ORD) is in charge of all technology cooperation and development tasks. There should be one Dean to head the office with four sections and one center:

Industry-Academia Collaboration Section

Academic Development and Technology Transfer Section

Innovation Incubation and Precision Products Developing Center

Career Development and Outside School Internship Section

Employment Counseling and Alumni Service Section


For each section and center there should be one chief and there can be several Assistants. The ORD establishment principles should be proposed by CTU and approved by Ministry of Education.

Dr. Sheng-Yuan Hsu, newly assigned Dean of ORD, supervises its overall function and development. He leads the team members to execute, control and evaluate all projects of ORD.